400 ml - GS27 Moto

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The GS27 Moto Leather Treatment cleans and nourishes all types of leather (saddles, jackets, boots, gloves, bags etc.): - Contains carnauba wax, which nourishes and softens the leather, slowing down wear and tear. - Revives the color of tarnished leather. - Non-slip effect for use on saddles. - Leaves a waterproof (anti-rain / anti-stain properties) and anti-static film.


For all types of leather (natural or dyed) and imitation leather.

How to use:

Shake well before use. Using a microfibre cloth, apply the product evenly to the surface to be treated. Leave to dry for a few seconds then wipe off.

On very supple, matt leather apply with very light, stroking movements.

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.

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