How to clean & protect your vehicule with GS27 products

GS27 gives you the 5 steps to a perfect car care and cleaning. First, washing and how to clean up well your vehicle? Then reparing and how to removes imperfections, renovate exterior surfaces. Third, sheen and how to make your car or motorcycle shine for a mirror-like effect? Then, interiors & finish for more ride comfort. Finaly maintenance, for the final touch and impeccable treatment for your vehicle.

Washing tutorial: Shampoos & Wheel Cleaners

A good service always starts with a complete clean of the vehicle.

Repairing tutorial: Scratch Removal & Bodywork Repairs

Remove imperfections and rediscover your car’s original beauty.

Sheen tutorial: Polish

The key stage for a shiny and perfectly protected vehicle.

Interior & finish tutorial: trim, leather & window cleaners

For more ride comfort, take care of your interior.

Maintenance tutorial: Exterior & Interior Care

An impeccable car is maintained daily.