500 ml - GS27 Moto

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The GS27® Moto Degreasing Moto Wash deep cleans and degreases the whole motorcycle: - Powerful cleaner: removes even the most stubborn marks (grease, sludge, mud, brake dust etc.). - Pleasant fragranced formula. - Practical: sprays directly onto all dirty surfaces.


Can be used on all parts of the motorbike (engine, wheels, wheel rims, windshield, etc.).

Technical tips:

If any marks remain, use a specific product for the type of mark and surface concerned (Wheel Cleaner, Chain Cleaner, etc.).

For tar and resin, use the GS27® Moto All-Surfaces Protective Cleaner.


How to use:

Shake before use. Spray generously onto the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave to work for 1 minute, rub with a wet sponge then rinse using a water jet or a high-pressure cleaner. Wipe off traces of water using a microfibre cloth or chamois leather.

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.

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