500 ml - GS27 Moto

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GS27 Innovation: Clean chain lubrication thanks to its non-greasy, instant drying formula: - PTFE enriched formula: technology that guarantees a very low friction coefficient. - No splashing: keeps the chain, wheel rim and back wheel clean. - Non-sticky: does not retain dirt and makes cleaning easier. - Anti-corrosion protective film: prolongs the life of the chain. - Water-repellent: repels water and protects the chain in wet conditions (rain, mud). - Strong penetrating properties: lubricates even the least accessible areas (axle, bearing etc.).


For all types of motorbike chains, brakes and discs (road, racing, and off-road bikes), quad and karting, enduro, trial, and cross bikes: O-Ring, X-Ring, Z-Ring. Compatible with all types of joints (nylon, rubber, Téflon, silicon, neoprene etc).

Recommended for a clean lubrication of the bearings, even when loaded with hinges, springs, tools, runner, and chains.

Technical tips:

A regular care prolongs the life of your chain and your bike’s performance. We recommend cleaning and lubricating your chain every 500 km with dry weather and after each trip in case of rain.

How to use:

First clean the chain with the GS27® Moto Chain Cleaner. Shake well before use and spray onto the chain. Leave to dry.

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.

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