250 ml - GS27 Moto

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The GS27® Moto Helmet, Boots & Gloves Cleaner disinfects and cleans the inside of helmets, boots, gloves, jackets and jumpsuits. Contains two active ingredients to remove unpleasant smells: - New-technology odour absorber which removes organic smells. - Bactericide which destroys bacterial odours. Alcohol-based formula for rapid drying, so that helmets and boots etc. can be put back on straight after treatment.


Perfect for all types of helmets, boots, jackets, gloves and suits.

How to use:

Shake before use. Spray directly onto the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave to dry for 1 min. For the cleaning of the exterior of the helmet, use the GS27® Moto Helmet & Visor Cleaner.

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.

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