500 ml - GS27 Moto

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The GS27® Moto Disc, Brake, & Chain Cleaner maintains all motorbike chains, brakes and discs: - Degreases and dry cleans. - Removes ingrained dirt (sand, dust etc.). - Powerful jet spray to remove built-up residue.


For all types of motorbike chains, brakes and discs (road, racing, and off-road bikes), quad and karting bikes. Compatible with all types of joints: O-Ring, X-Ring, Z-Ring (nylon, rubber, Téflon, silicon, neoprene etc).

Technical tips:

A regular care prolongs the life of your chain and improves your bike’s performance. We recommend cleaning and lubricating your chain regularly.

How to use:

Shake before use. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Use a high-pressure spray to deeply clean the surface. Leave to dry for a few seconds. After cleaning, do not forget greasing your chain with the GS27® Moto Road & Racing Chain Lube or the GS27® Moto Off-Road Chain Lube.

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.

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