Repairing tutorial: Scratch Removal & Bodywork Repairs

Remove imperfections and rediscover your car’s original beauty.

Car & Motorcycle Scratch Removal and how to buff of scratches

Scratch removal: Learn how to remove scratches on your car & restore your bodywork to make it shine. Gs27 products are easy & quick to use...

Car & Motorcycle Bodywork Repair: paint renovators by GS27

Bodywork repair: To improve the protection and shine of your bodywork after repair, we advise you to polish the vehicle with a GS27® polish.

Car & Motorcycle Other Repairs: plastic restorers & insect removers

Other repairs: Think about repairing other parts of your vehicle that have lost their original colour and brightness such as the bumper, chrome and...

Car & Motorcycle Headlights Restoration: headlight restoration kit

Headlamp Renovation: Discover how to restore & clean your car headlights easily and follow the GS27 steps to use our Headlights restoration...
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