Car & Motorcycle Scratch Removal and how to buff of scratches


Car & Motorcycle Scratch Removal and how to buff of scratches

Scratch remover:

Put a dab of the product on a microfiber cloth.
Rub with more or less intensity depending on the size of the scratch.
Start again until you obtain the desired result.

Scratch Remover Kit:

  • Insert the adapter stem into the drill chuck.
  • Fix the foam pad to the adapter.
  • Apply a small heap of Dual-purpose Restorer GS27® Technics on the scratch.
  • With the drill stopped, spread the product on the surface with the foam pad.
  • Start the drill. Proceed in large circular figure of 8 movements.
    Do not apply pressure to the bodywork.
    Check regularly that the bodywork is not heating up. If the bodywork heats up, stop immediately. This operation should not exceed 30 seconds.
    If your drill has several speeds, start with the slowest and increase the speed progressively but do not exceed 1600 rpm.
  • Wipe off excess with the microfiber.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary.
  • For the best possible result, we recommend applying the High Protection Polish Titanium+® GS27 Classics® afterwards to protect the area treated.

Our advice to buff off car scratches:

Do this on a clean and dry bodywork.
Identify the type of scratch before application. In most cases this product will react effectively. However, if the scratch is deep (peeling paint, visible metal sheet or priming coat), consider a bodywork repair.
To improve the protection of your bodywork after repair, we advise you to polish the vehicle with a GS27® polish.

Our best Scratch Remover:

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