500 ml - GS27 Paris

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> No water needed
> Instant intense shine

GS27® Quick Wash & Wax is the quickest and easiest way to clean and shine your vehicle.
It will clean off fingerprints, smudges, water drops and dust and will make your car very shiny in no time.
GS27® Quick Wash & Wax is also the perfect product to use in-between washing to prolong the shine obtained by using a GS27 wax.

For all types of paints and chrome, aluminium wheels, vinyl, etc.
Perfect for use on matt paintwork.

Technical tips:
For glass surfaces, use our Classics Glass Cleaner or Window wipes.

How to use:
Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the product evenly, directly onto dirty surfaces. Work in small areas. Immediately wipe with a microfiber cloth.
Test first on a discreet area of the vehicle to see the results.

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