Car & Motorcycle polish products: auto polish & car wax


Car & Motorcycle polish products: auto polish & car wax

Shake the bottle well before use. Apply the product to the bodywork with a microfiber in circular movements. Do small areas at a time (doors, wing mirrors, half bonnet, etc.). Leave to dry for a while and dry with a clean microfiber.

Our advice:

Do this in the shade and on a clean and dry bodywork. Do not use this product on porous or unpainted plastic. If there are white marks on the plastic, clean the surface with the GS27 Classics® Plastic Cleaner.

Our polishs :

Ultra Compound Polish GS27

Titanium Ultra Shine Protection GS27

Ultra Compound


Titanium Ultra Shine

& Protection

Discover our Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection for car & bike care:

This latest high-tech wax is highly concentrated in Titanium® (a light, very resistant component used in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics). This technology guarantees a mirror-like shine for your bodywork, whilst leaving a protective coating against aggressive factors (sun, rain, snow, salt, etc).