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Robert Tighe III – Voodoo Ride B Series Honda

Robert Tighe Voodoo Ride

Robert has a long history of Motorsports, beginning with 4 wheelers when he was 4 years old. He has continued to enjoy bikes and cars, drag racing at the local drag strip, and attending numerous High Performance Driving Schools hosted by NASA and SCCA. He has an IHRA License and has held an ASA, SCCA & NASA license. He is also a licensed driving instructor. He is Superflow Dyno Operator certified and AEM Tuning certified. He also tunes his own car. He made his debut in IHRA & PDRA Top Sportsman, awards include best appearing crew & #1 qualifier. Robert is currently the first Honda 4 cylinder rear wheel drive to run in IHRA & PDRA. New world record holder fastest B series Honda rear wheel drive.


HOMETOWN - Aberdeen, NC