Deocar Max : the combination of fragrance and design !


Driven by the success of the Deocar products, GS27 widens the line with its new Deocar Max: the new air freshener that lets your every mood run wild!

Deocar Max Vanilla & spices GS27

This new air-freshener has it all…

- Adjuster on the back: you can easily adjust the fragrance intensity.

- Window on the front: you can quickly control the quantity of fragrance left.
- 100% soft touch plastic: no risk to causing scratches.

Bonuses which make the difference :

- Made in France
- Effective for up to 60 days
- Allergen-free
- No Hazardous pictograms.

A choice of 4 new and original fragrances :

- Monoi Oil
- Lotus Flower
- Tropical Flowers
- Vanilla & Spices
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