Titanium Washing Kit

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Titanium Washing Kit : 

Check out our Titanium Washing kit for your car care that includes an Ultra Shine Titanium Shampoo and a Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner. It is the perfect combination for easily & quickly wash & clean your vehicle.

Ultra Shine Titanium Shampoo :

> Eliminates dirt & road grime
> Ultra Shine and long-life protection

Titanium® is a light, very resistant component used in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics and Formula 1. GS27 has integrated this technology into GS27 ® Ultra Shine Titanium® Shampoo, creating a unique formula offering shine and protection. It deep cleans bodywork, removing dirt and the greasy road grime. The Titanium® micro-particles envelop the bodywork, protecting and making it shine. Combined with GS27® Titanium® Ultra Shine & Protection, it will strengthen the water-repellent effect and prolong the protective action of the Titanium® particles.

For all types of paintwork (metallic and varnished).

Tips for use:
You can also use this shampoo to clean leather and car hoods (when diluted).

Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner : 

> Powerful Deep Cleaner 
> High-tech protection

GS27® Titanium® Gel Wheel Cleaner clings longer to wheel surfaces, giving a more precise, deeper clean. Thanks to its gel formula containing surfactants and Titanium®, it removes brake dust and stubborn road residue, leaving an intense shine and a protective coating on your wheels.

For all types of wheels (aluminium, painted, chrome, varnished).

Technical tips:
For very dirty surfaces, repeat the operation using a paintbrush or small brush.

Pack includes:

1 x
1 x
GS27 Paris Evolution+ Wash & Wax has its own specific sprayer: you can connect it directly to the water supply. No more bucket needed!