Reduced price! Evolution + Wash & Wax

Evolution + Wash & Wax

US130141 - GS27 Paris

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Up to 15 vehicles

Automatic shampoo dilution
Powerful foam

Grapefruit fragrance

Hose-end sprayer

GS27® Paris Evolution+ Wash & Wax has its own specific sprayer, so you can connect it directly to the water supply. No more bucket needed: the dilution is dosed automatically through the hose-end sprayer. It is very practical: just spray directly onto your car. Its powerful, rich foam is ultra-degreasing and leaves a shiny finish. Its grapefruit fragrance makes it enjoyable to use. With one bottle, you have enough for up to 15 uses.

Application: On all paints (varnished, metallic etc) .

How to use:

Test first on a discreet area to see the results.
1/ Make sure the green on-off valve for water is on « closed » position (vertical).
2/ Make sure the black on-off valve for the product is on « closed » position (vertical).
3/ Connect the sprayer to the hosepipe.
4/ To spray the product onto your car, open the green and black on-off valves.
5/ When your car is covered with foam, close the two on-off valves.
Scrub with a sponge.
6/ Rinse with clean water by opening the green valve only.
7/ Wipe dry your vehicle to prevent water spots.

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