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Despite all the care you take of your vehicle, there’s always a day when you discover a new scratch on its bodywork. Scratches, branches, trolleys: your car is at risk of getting damaged every day. The GS27 Technics Expert Scratch Repair Kit is the solution to any of your scratch issues. Thanks to the abrasive pads, you can easily smooth the incisive edges of the scratch. The use of the special Scratch Remover Paste will then polish the treated surface. Finally the Titanium+ Ultra Shine & Protection will finish the repair, bringing shine and protection to the bodywork. Contains: - Headlamp Restorer & Scratch Remover Tube - 4 abrasive pads - 1 microfibre - 1 applicator pad - 1 Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection sample

The kit is effective on all surface scratches and deep scratches.

For very deep scratches, you should consider getting the bodywork repaired.


1/ Wet the surface with water then rub with a P4000 abrasive pad – Do not rub for more than 5 seconds. Do not use excessive pressure. Add water during sanding is necessary. Wipe with a microfiber cloth. While sanding, a dull veil will appear on the surface. This change in the appearance of your paintwork is normal: it is part of the process of repairing your bodywork.


2/ Apply a dab of GS27® Technics Dual-Purpose Restorer to the sanded surface.


3/ Spread on the surface using the black side of the foam pad. Rub carefully, until the dull veil has completely disappeared. Wipe with a microfibre cloth.


Apply a dab of GS27® Titanium+ Ultra Shine & Protection to protect the treated area. Spread on the surface with the green side of the foam pad. Leave to dry for a few seconds then wipe with a microfibre cloth.


Repeat the operation if necessary.

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