Titanium Kit

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Check out our Titanium kit for your car care, cleaning & washing that includes a wheel cleaner, a scratch remover, a car shampoo & a protection spray wax.


GS27 Classics® Titanium® Scratch Remover is a cream containing microbeads and microscopic lamellar crystals, ideal for all surface scratches (scrapes, scratches, etc.). Its Titanium®-enriched formula improves the efficiency, strengthens the protection of the areas treated and guarantees a mirror-like finish.

For all colours and all types of paintwork (metallic and varnished), except matt paintwork.

Technical tips:
Identify the type of scratch before use. This product will be effective on most types of scratches. However, if the scratch is deep (enamel paint, sheet metal or visible primer coat), you should get the bodywork repaired.


> Eliminates dirt & road grime
> Ultra Shine and long-life protection

Titanium® is a light, very resistant component used in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics and Formula 1. GS27 has integrated this technology into GS27 ® Ultra Shine Titanium® Shampoo, creating a unique formula offering shine and protection. It deep cleans bodywork, removing dirt and the greasy road grime. The Titanium® micro-particles envelop the bodywork, protecting and making it shine. Combined with GS27® Titanium® Ultra Shine & Protection, it will strengthen the water-repellent effect and prolong the protective action of the Titanium® particles.

For all types of paintwork (metallic and varnished).

Tips for use:
You can also use this shampoo to clean leather and car hoods (when diluted).


> Effortless application
> Instant wax finish

GS27® Titanium® Protection Spray Wax is the most efficient solution for a clean, shiny car. Its Titanium-enriched formula (a light, very resistant component used in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics and Formula 1), leaves a highly resistant film on the bodywork, for long-lasting protection and ultra shine. It is very easy to use, with no need for water.
The perfect product for an instant wax finish in-between washing!

Ideal for all exterior surfaces, excluding mirrors and windows.

Technical tips:
For mirrors and windows, use the GS27® Glass Cleaner or GS27® Window Wipes.


> Powerful Deep Cleaner 
> High-tech protection

GS27® Titanium® Gel Wheel Cleaner clings longer to wheel surfaces, giving a more precise, deeper clean. Thanks to its gel formula containing surfactants and Titanium®, it removes brake dust and stubborn road residue, leaving an intense shine and a protective coating on your wheels.

For all types of wheels (aluminium, painted, chrome, varnished).

Technical tips:
For very dirty surfaces, repeat the operation using a paintbrush or small brush.

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GS27 Paris Evolution+ Wash & Wax has its own specific sprayer: you can connect it directly to the water supply. No more bucket needed!
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