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Check out our Renovation kit for your car care, cleaning & washing that includes an ultra compound polish, a headlight restorer kit & an expert scratch remover kit. Easily & quickly restore your vehicle to make shine as on day 1.


Thanks to its micro-abrasive technology, this new-generation polish easily and safely removes fine scratches and other defects (swirl marks, stains, etc.) from your bodywork.

Suitable for all colours and paints (varnished, metallic, etc.), except for matt paintworks.

Technical tips:
Do not use on hot paintwork or in direct sunlight.
Do not use the product on porous or unpainted plastics. If you apply the product to porous plastics, white marks may appear (the product will be soaked up by the pores). To remove these marks, clean the surface with GS27® Plastic & Trim Restorer.


Over time, plastic headlamp become yellowed and tarnished, making them less transparent. The consequence is a reduction of light intensity which means less visibility at night. This can be dangerous and can lead to vehicle inspection failure. In an answer to these problems, GS27 has created the new GS27® Headlamp Restorer Kit.

A simple, rapid solution for restoring your headlamps original shine and transparency. All you need is a kit, a standard drill and a few minutes of your time. This comprehensive kit contains a roll of adhesive masking tape, a drill adapter, 6 sanding discs, a foam pad, a tube of headlamps and bodywork repairer cream, a sachet of Titanium+ Ultra Shine & Protection and a microfibre cloth. The original shine and transparency of the headlamps is very quickly and easily restorerd.

This multi-use kit is the easiest, most effective way of restoring every part of your vehicle (car or motorbike): - varnished paintwork - plastic headlamps - plastic rear cabriolet windows - wheels and hubcaps - motorbike windshields


Despite all the care you take of your vehicle, there’s always a day when you discover a new scratch on its bodywork. Scratches, branches, trolleys: your car is at risk of getting damaged every day. The GS27 Technics Expert Scratch Repair Kit is the solution to any of your scratch issues. Thanks to the abrasive pads, you can easily smooth the incisive edges of the scratch. The use of the special Scratch Remover Paste will then polish the treated surface. Finally the Titanium+ Ultra Shine & Protection will finish the repair, bringing shine and protection to the bodywork. Contains: - Headlamp Restorer & Scratch Remover Tube - 4 abrasive pads - 1 microfibre - 1 applicator pad - 1 Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection sample

The kit is effective on all surface scratches and deep scratches.

For very deep scratches, you should consider getting the bodywork repaired.

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