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Check out our Inside Kit for your car care, cleaning & washing that includes a Triple Action Carpet, Plastic Wipes, a Leather Cleaner and Conditionner and a free Deocar Star. 

Triple Action Carpet

Thanks to its active foam, the GS27® Paris Triple Action Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner quickly eliminates stains on all fabrics in your car. It deeply cleans the textile and restores its original colour. Its integrated brush removes even the most stubborn stains. The odour eliminator destroys persistent odours, leaving a pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Plastic Wipes

GS27 Classics® Plastic Wipes removes dirt and dust and revive the colour of plastic surfaces, leaving a satin finish. They leave an antistatic, non-greasy protective coating, which stops dirt form becoming ingrained. Lemon/ orange fragrance.

Leather Cleaner and Conditionner

The GS27® Paris Ultra Leather Care Kit includes all the products you will need for a complete care of your leather surfaces:

A PH-neutral cleaning balm, for a deep clean of the leathers, even the most delicate ones, without drying them.

A nourishing cream, enriched with Carnauba wax, in order to soften the leather. It renovates dried and cracked leathers so they look like new. Its non-greasy formula respects the leather porosity and does not leave a greasy film after use.

Thanks to this complete treatment, your leathers will stay soft and will keep their original colour. Nourished and protected, they will look like new for a longer period of time.


Déocar® Origin is the new, elegant, discreet way to fragrance your vehicle. This innovative product is placed directly in the air vents and diffuses the fragrance evenly through the air conditioning system. It is very discreet and is virtually invisible once in place. Made of “soft touch” supple plastic, it does not leave any scratches, colour or marks on dashboards or ventilation louvres. The high-quality French fragrance is exceptionally long-lasting, effective for up to 60 days.

Pack includes:

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